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Risk-Free 30-Days 100% Money Back Guarantee! A service you love or your money back!
Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel Anytime. No Hidden Fees or Contracts.

  Maximum clicks per month
  Monthly price
  Clicks distribution on World map
  Share your stats
  Multiple redirection options
  URL masking/cloaking
  SEO optimization
  Campaigns management
  Advanced click fraud detection
  Comparison charts
  Real time tracking (Click stream)
  Custom tracking URL
  Full data export
  Detailed click analysis
  Conversion tracking
  Link expiration
After 60days
  Hosting on Amazon secure cloud
  Branded tracking domains and reports
  Client center
  Full dedicated server
  Enterprise SLA
In realtime
In 4 hours
In 24 hours
For all plans you get 30 days money back guarantee
you love our service or all your money back!


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Frequently Asked Questions about subscription

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also accept PayPal. We also accept withdrawal based on annual or semi-annual subscriptions.

Can I change my plans at any time?

You can change plans at any time. Just sign into your account, click on Settings > My subscription plan, change your plan by clicking the "Upgrade" or "Downgrade" button of the new plan you want to choose.

How long should I be subscribed to ClickMeter?

Depending on your choice, payments are month-to-month, every six months or every twelve months and you can cancel any time.

If I bought a plan with a discount what I have to pay next month?

Every month you will automatically billed for the sum you paid the first time for the plan you are using until you change it. For example if you bought a "Pro Marketer" Plan with a 30% discount you will always be charged with 30% discount until you do not change your subscription with another plan.

How does recurrent monthly billing work?

Every month you will automatically billed for more details please refer to this FAQ

What happen if I downgrade to a lower plan?

When you downgrade form a paid plan to another paid plan the system redirects you to the credit card authorization system or PayPal® to accept the new lower recurrent payment rate. The recurrent payment for the old plan is automatically deleted. When you downgrade form a paid plan to a free plan the recurrent payment for the old plan is automatically deleted and you will never be charged again unless you upgrade to a paid plan again. All the previous links, settings, stats, and services will remain active unless the new plan does not provide those services. If the new plan does not allow these services (i.e. Dedicated Domains or Personal URLs), all the links associated to those domains and URLs will be deleted.

More questions?

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