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ClickMeter main features

ClickMeter is the essential tool to track results from the small blog to a full-fledged worldwide marketing campaign: versatile, scalable and simple to use

Campaigns comparison

Make comparisons of traffic volume, conversions and click-fraud reliability among different marketing campaigns.

Social media sidebar

Write short messages, post on Twitter and Facebook and track clicks without leaving the page you are browsing.

Conversions tracking

Discover which campaigns is producing more value. Focus your effort only on the ads that really works.


Share with customers and partners your results on ad campaigns, affiliation programs or link-exchange agreements.


Monitor clicks on your advertising,discover suspect click-fraud activities and take action instantly.

live reports

Use your logo on all reports. Show the results in a professional manner.

Clicks on
World map

View where all your traffic originates on a navigable world map: monitor the geographical density at a glance.

Customizable tracking domains

Personalize your redirect links through custom domains ( and add search-engine friendly URL tags.

Full data

Export most important data in many formats to analyze them with other software: Excel / Txt / PDF / Xml.

click stream

View in real time the clicks from all your campaigns through a detailed self-updating report.

Cross campaign IP overlap

Find out which promotions (among all of your campaigns) the same user has clicked before taking action.


For every click you will get info about: IP, referrer, country, browser, operating system and click-fraud activities.

Other features

This list contains only part of all the available features you get with ClickMeter.

Shorten and Track

  • Short URL redirection through our featured short domain
  • Unlimited tracking-links
  • No expiration for tracking-links
  • Private analytics (password protected access to your stats data)
  • Cumulative tracking-links analysis with a single account
  • Links redirect with a 301 or 307 status code (for maximum SEO performances)
  • Favorite links management
  • Link sorting by most clicked, date and alphabetical order
  • Mask URLs

Data analysis

  • Click-fraud detection
  • Click distribution on world map
  • Link tagging(customizable URL for search engine optimization)
  • Customizable settings: time-zone; Date format; Number format
  • Real-time charts
  • Cross campaigns IP overlap, discover which links have been clicked by the same users
  • Social media measurement with our exclusive sidebar
  • Unique/not-unique clicks distribution
  • Spider and Bot detection
  • Real-time click stream
  • Group tracking-links in different folders
  • Advertising campaigns configuration
  • Detailed click analysis: IP, referrer, country, browser, operating system, unique or fraud-suspect
  • Clicks grouping and comparison charts by day, week, month, country, browser, SO, referrer, IP
  • Clicks filtering by IP, referrer, click-fraud, country, browser and charts
  • Track enormous amount of clicks: from 5,000 to 300,000,000 per month with dedicated servers.

Conversions and ROI tracking

  • Conversion tracking: understand which source, content, and partner is delivering results
  • Double-conversion tracking (track two conversion events for the same click, e.g.: subscription and purchase)
  • Real conversion value. Track dynamically in real-time the exact value of your conversion
  • Real-time advertising campaigns comparison charts

Re-brand and share

  • Guest management (read-only access for clients, partners, co-workers)
  • One-link guest access (allow one-click access to stats for a specific campaigns)
  • Rebrandable reports (use your logo to present your stats)
  • Full data export: Excel 2003 / Excel 2007 / Txt / PDF / Xml
  • Customizable tracking-URL such as
  • Customizable tracking-links domains such as
  • Manage more ClickMeter accounts in the same place with a dedicated client center
  • Multi-domain management


  • Link-tracking duplication tool
  • Customizable time frame
  • API allows developers to interact in a programmatic way with ClickMeter website
  • go.htm allows you to create new tracking-links with the same domain of your website
  • Easily create new tracking links with the ClickMeter simple bookmarklet
  • Scalable service configuration
  • Video guides
  • Support via email and telephone

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Upcoming features

We are working hard to bring you more new useful services and tools

  • Keywords analysis (see the keywords used to find your links)
  • Weekly and Daily email reports of traffic summaries to keep you in the loop
  • Integration with Google analytics
  • Integration with Google ADWords
  • Affiliation network management
  • Email marketing Management

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