Partners, distributors and integrators

ClickMeter is selecting strategic partners and distributors in 125 countries in which its product is already present and smart company managers to integrate our product in software and online services.




More than an affiliate the partner is a company or a professional that want to distribute the clickmeter solution via consistent marketing and sales actions.

    * Consistent client base
    * Proven experience in web-marketing and advertising sectors


The distributor is a company or an agency who is interested in re-selling our solution in white-label and with special features designed for a specific target of customers. The distributor license include a startup fee.

    * Be among your country's top 15 distributors by income.
    * Expertise web-marketing  and advertising fields


The integrators is a company who wants to integrate ClickMeter inside the software he already distribute. We can perfectly integrate ClickMeter in quite every software and online service as the tracking element of the final product.

    * Good programming skills
    * Own a software distribute worldwide

To apply:
Please send an email with info about your company, the nation/s where the collaboration can apply and a brief summary of your proposal:
We can reply to requests in the following languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Polish.

Our current partners

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